24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring for Your Home or Business

Every property needs to be protected from fire, which is why having a professionally installed fire alarm system is critical. But a fire alarm system can’t offer any protection if no one is there to react when an alarm is triggered.

At San Antonio Surveillance we provide 24/7 fire alarm monitoring service for homeowners and businesses throughout the San Antonio, TX area. We serve as the direct connection between your home or building’s fire alarm system and your local fire and EMS departments. We combine uninterrupted monitoring with remote system tests and coded alerts to ensure consistent, accurate emergency response.

Rapid Response for Complete Fire Protection

Fire hazards never sleep, so we are there around the clock to protect you. When there’s any detection of danger from fire or smoke in your home, office building or industrial facility, the sensors connected to your alarm panel send a signal to San Antonio Surveillance’s monitoring center. We will alert local fire department and emergency personnel within seconds, so they can be dispatched immediately. Our monitoring center’s response time is typically within seconds, to ensure that the authorities reach your home or place of business within minutes. With fire alarm monitoring services from San Antonio Surveillance, your control panel will also alert us if there is a technical problem or malfunction with your system, so that our technicians can repair your system as quickly as possible.

Protect Your Home or Business with San Antonio Surveillance

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Fire Protection for All Property Types

((Company)) offers 24/7/365 fire alarm monitoring service for all types of residential and commercial properties in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, including:

  • Single family homes
  • Apartments and multi-family buildings
  • Office and retail businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Factories, industrial facilities and manufacturing hubs
  • Pre-K and childcare centers, K-12 schools, colleges and universities
  • Government and military facilities
  • Restaurants and food service facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Convenience stores
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals and medical facilities

((Company)) adheres to required protocols and procedures for emergency response in apartment complexes, condominiums, senior housing, and assisted living facilities.

Alarm Signals That We Monitor

At San Antonio Surveillance, we receive, route, and handle the following types of fire alarm signals 24/7/365:

  • Fire Alarm: Signal is sent from a fire or smoke detection device when it is triggered
  • Fire Trouble: Signal may indicate decreased performance of your fire alarm system, or suggest maintenance to ensure it will perform properly in the case of emergency
  • Fire Supervisory: Signal is sent when your fire protection system senses that a portion of the system has been disabled and needs to be reset
  • Sprinkler/Tamper Monitoring: Signal is sent when your sprinkler system has been compromised or tampered with
  • Low Battery: Signal is sent when the battery for your system’s alarm panel is operating at less than optimum voltage
  • Power Failure: Signal is sent when there is a power failure, which is critical for commercial fire alarm monitoring for properties with critical pumps or systems that require backup power

Professional Response, 24/7 – Whenever your alarm is tripped, our highly trained, NICET certified monitoring center professionals answer the phone quickly, and work diligently to ensure the greatest accuracy of the dispatch signal. We offer an industry leading operator-to-customer ratio to ensure an immediate response to your call, so you will always reach a live operator. And you can count on skilled and considerate responses to your fire alarms, every time.

Reliability – Our certified UL listed fire alarm monitoring station has complete redundancy, including uninterruptable power supplies, redundant alarm receivers, mirrored databases, and redundant communication paths. Our San Antonio, TX customers can be confident that our monitoring center is always in compliance with the latest fire safety regulations, to ensure that your fire protection system will always be able to communicate with emergency officials should a fire emergency occur within your home or business facility.

Remote Access – San Antonio Surveillance also offers a mobile app that enables you to manage your fire safety system from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, which saves you time and puts control at your fingertips. Remotely put your system on test, manage your emergency notification lists, request maintenance service, and more.

Single System Monitoring – For many of our San Antonio, TX clients, we are able to monitor their security and fire alarm systems together, as one account. Plus, multiple alarm panels can often be connected on a single communicator that also can act as a single account. Consolidating your accounts can save you a significant amount of money over the long term. San Antonio Surveillance provides a one-stop solution that provides the integrated protection you need, no matter the size of your property or the type or complexity of the security system you currently have installed. 

Custom Reports – We provide customized reports via email or text message that provide you with an overview of all your fire alarm activity, including alarm triggers, automated system checks, official inspections and more. You can set whichever schedule is most convenient for report delivery.

Wireless Monitoring – We offer approved Internet-based IP fire alarm system monitoring for San Antonio, TX homes and businesses. Landline monitoring systems are becoming a thing of the past, as most systems have gone wireless, and for good reason. San Antonio Surveillance’s wireless monitoring solutions transmit emergency signals faster and more reliably than landline-based systems. Multiple independent transmission paths provide full signal redundancy. Our IP monitoring system is reliable, fast, and has a lower cost to maintain, saving you money.

Coded Responses for Specific Emergencies – When your fire alarm is triggered, coded responses inform our monitoring team whether the alarm has been set off due to temperature, smoke detection, chemical fumes, or any other reason. That specific data is then relayed to local emergency personnel, so they can respond appropriately to the situation.

System Testing and Validation – We regularly monitor your alarm system for trouble conditions so that we can notify you accordingly whenever there is an issue. And if your system does not check in with us during a routine test transmission, we will promptly contact you to schedule a service appointment. San Antonio Surveillance maintains records of all signals received, and our state-of-the-art systems are regularly tested, inspected and maintained by qualified fire protection professionals. 

Satisfy Building Code and Insurance Requirements – To comply with local, national and international building codes, businesses are required to have a fire protection system that is monitored by a licensed and certified fire alarm monitoring company. Also, many business insurance policies require code compliant, monitored fire alarm systems at the insured premises. Most policies offer an insurance premium discount when a fire alarm system is installed. As a National Fire Protection Association member, San Antonio Surveillance is well versed in providing monitored fire system solutions that meet building code and insurance company requirements.


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